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UPDATE: The short…short Film Noir sequence is now graded, edited and sound recorded, edited and mixed. The completed film sequence is embedded below. Very well done to those students who attended the taster sessions and completed something of a very high level in a very, very short space of time. Completed from start to finish in about 4.5 hours, all told.

‘A Short, Short … Short Noir’ ::: Brooksby Melton College Taster Day ::: Wreake Valley Academy from on Vimeo.


A group of talented A-Level students from Wreake Valley Academy, visited the department today to get a brief taste of what its like to be an HE film and video student at the college. They participated in a lighting and camera workshop, with the aim of creating a short Neo Noir narrative based around a simple premise: A Phone Call!

Images courtesy of ThePixelCafe

They looked at how to mimic moonlight in a studio setting; use ‘GoBos’ to play with light and shadow; ‘Flags’ to create depth; and, composition to lead the viewers’ eye to important narrative information. They also got the chance to use the Black Magic Digital film cameras, Zeiss Prime film lenses and the Arri mattebox system. All of which could be quite scary to first timers, but they all committed themselves aptly and carefully to create something that is beginning to look nice when you look at the Rushes below:

They will be returning to the department again soon, to take the project to the next level: The Edit. Following this they will be conducting the Post-Production sound design for the project. Keep checking back for more updates!