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As part of ongoing development of resources and equipment, the HE Media team have decided to invest in one of the best Digital film Cameras in the world. The new – and highly groundbreaking – Cinema Camera by Blackmagic Design is a “proper” film camera.

In the department we have been using to great effect the DSLR workflows of the Canon EOS range of cameras, which are still a very affordable and highly effective option for Digital filmmakers, and we will still continue to use these in the future, as is the industry itself. But for all their excellent points, they still have their limitations – even the much heralded Canon 5D Mark 3. In short, they are still recording heavily compressed, ‘lossy’ footage via a CMOS chip.

Thus, as a logical step-up for our students, we have decided to invest in the Blackmagic, which records RAW, DNG, 2.5k still image sequences with a dynamic range of 13 stops. In short, it’s a bit good! We will also be one of the first, if not the only college and/or university in the country to have one, thus continuing the department’s growing reputation as a Centre of Excellence for Digital Filmaking/Moving Image. We might need some Proxies though…blimey I’m a geek!

As I say, we will still be using the Canon DSLR cameras for most of our work especially at Level 4 and 5, keeping the Blackmagic for the higher production value, Professional Work and Level 6 films projects. This isn’t a simple point and shoot camera, and why would it be!?

Press on the image below and be whisked to the official site. Also, see some of the test/development shots below that show the quality and dynamic range of the camera in some pretty horrendous lighting conditions. All shots, have no additional/artificial light to help with exposure. It’s a raw test!

Blackmagic Test Videos by John Brawley (Cinematographer):